Importance of Emotional Validation

Importance of emotional validation

Importance of emotional validation. Many times I have heard a very well-meaning parent tell a child not to be angry, or sad, or upset. It is also very common for adults to tell someone in varying ways that they shouldn’t be as upset as they are, or that they are making things seem worse, or they are over-reacting. […]

Creating meaning in difficult times

Creating meaning during difficult times

Many people experience an increase in distressing thoughts and emotions during the holiday season. For some it may be increased stress due to obligations and expectations; for others it may be loss, loneliness, or mental or physical health concerns. There are also many other personal reasons why the holidays can be hard.  No matter what the reason, it is not the actual experience, but the meaning we place on our […]

Why We Need More Self-Compassion

Why We Need More Self-Compassion

The world feels like it’s in turmoil, things are changing at a rapid pace, and uncertainty weighs on all of us. Yet, as a response to being asked how we are, we may still be compelled to reply, “I’m OK” or “everything is fine”. Admitting that we are struggling is hard, and it’s understandable that we don’t want to share our struggles […]

Worst Year Ever?

2020 in the sun

Worst Year Ever? As the new year rolls in, it is easy to want to look back at 2020 as a horrible year; a year that tested our beliefs and our faith in many things, made us question others‘ values, and brought unrest and division to an entire country. There is no argument against the […]