It’s Okay to Talk About Suicide

Suicide Prevention Emily Hauser, LMSW at Health West, Inc Suicide is something that still has a stigma attached to it. It’s something that is treated as though it should never be discussed, yet it’s very prevalent in our society. One common misconception is that the mere discussion of suicide can cause someone to become suicidal […]


By Emily Hauser, LMSW at Health West There are often things in our lives that we want to get rid of. Not just those socks that you can’t ever find mates for or the toy your dog ripped that keeps leaving stuffing everywhere. Rather, there are things like difficult feelings we want to push away, […]

The Many Identities of Grief

There’s a common belief that grief can only be experienced through the death or loss of aclose loved one. That grief has one only one look or one way to be experienced. In reality, griefhas many forms. While grief does occur from the loss of a loved one, it also can occur due to thechange […]