There has been a lot of discussion and debate lately regarding vaccines, and more specifically the use and safety of the Covid-19 vaccine. So, what are vaccines, how do they work, and most importantly how do they help people? Vaccines are one of the safest and most effective ways to protect yourself, your family, and […]



Influenza season is at full tilt!  It started officially in the USA the week of October 5, 2019.  It started a month earlier than usual and now all states are reporting significant to widespread influenza infections.  Typically, flu season runs from November to March and is usually consists predominately of influenza A infections.  This year it’s influenza B causing most of the infections.  We are only about halfway through the expected influenza season, so vaccination is still beneficial.  I’ve already seen a few children in […]

Sunscreen and Preventing Sunburn

girl getting sunscreen

Let’s talk about skin cancer from sun exposure. It happens to everyone. Male or female, dark skinned or light skinned, young and old. Five million cases are diagnosed yearly in the USA alone. Most people think you only need to worry about prolonged sun exposure on bright, sunny, hot days. Not true. It seems it […]