Enjoy Spring Without the Falls

Enjoy Spring Without the Falls

As winter comes to an end it’s important to remain cautious of all the fall risks it can present. Children and young adults may be able to nurse a bruised tailbone and get back to their daily routine. Adults age 65 and older, however, will often find a costly series of complications following those falls.   According […]

Do You Have Prediabetes?


Prediabetes, sometimes called elevated blood glucose or impaired glucose tolerance, is a condition that is a warning sign that your body is not processing blood sugar (glucose) efficiently. By understanding that this is happening, you may be able to make changes to prevent or postpone developing actual diabetes.  There are different types of diabetes. In Diabetes Type 1, the body does not produce […]

What is Hypothermia?

women outside cold

Hypothermia occurs when our body loses heat faster than it can produce it. It can occur with exposure to cold weather and/or cold water that causes your body temperature to fall below ninety-five degrees. The first sign of hypothermia is shivering. Shivering generates heat. It is your body’s way of trying to defend itself against […]