Dr. Daniel Sterner

Dr. Daniel Sterner

Specialties: Primary Care, OB    Locations: American Falls

Languages: English, Spanish            

Specialties: Primary Care, OB

Locations: American Falls

Languages: English, Spanish

Dr. Sterner, DO grew up in Pocatello and has always loved the American Falls area. As a kid he often went with his family to the reservoir, the fish hatchery, the river and the sand dunes. It is a beautiful place and he love it. He had spent years in Paraguay and has traveled to multiple Spanish speaking countries. He decided to go into healthcare because he loves solving hard problems, but learned at ISU that he hated being in labs because there is not enough social interaction.

Dr. Sterner liked medicine because it combines hard problems with spending time with people. He got his bachelor’s degree at ISU and then decided to try something new and went to Las Vegas for medical school. He loved it there but was very happy to return to Idaho to complete residency. He is now a board certified doctor in family medicine and is excited to also provide obstetrical care. He is very excited to become part of the American Falls community and he hopes to be a part of it for many years to come. 


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