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Relationships and COVID-19

I thought right now with the chaos in the world and in our own personal worlds, it may be a good time to address relationships. What are relationships? Webster defines…

Relationships and COVID-19

Chicken Pox

We all know getting chickenpox is not fun and that it is highly contagious. Chicken pox is caused by the varicella – zoster virus. It is not usually severe, but…

boy laying in bed with chicken pox


We have developed so many forms of communication as a species. We use spoken word, written languages, sign languages, and we even use nonverbal ques that we might not even notice we…


Creating meaning in difficult times

Many people experience an increase in distressing thoughts and emotions during the holiday season. For some it may be increased stress due to obligations and expectations; for others it may be loss, loneliness, or mental or…

Creating meaning during difficult times

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