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What is Telehealth?

Telehealth is healthcare that is delivered over an audio-visual medium – like a computer screen or a smart phone. Even regular phone calls might be

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We have all encountered snakes at some point in our lives. Most of the time nothing happens in these encounters other than us being scared. Most snakes will not

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What is Food Poisoning?

The CDC states that one in six Americans will contract some form of food poisoning each year. Food poisoning can happen at any point of production: growing, harvesting, processing, storing,

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Do You Have Pre-diabetes?

Prediabetes, sometimes called elevated blood glucose or impaired glucose tolerance, is a condition that is a warning sign that your body is not processing blood sugar (glucose) efficiently. By

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What are Rabies?

We have all heard about rabies, but what is it? Rabies is a viral disease that can be deadly if not prevented or treated.  In Idaho, bats are

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What is Medicaid?

In 2018, Idaho voters approved a ballot initiative to expand Medicaid starting in January 2020. The program has been enormously successful, and so far, nearly

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