Nightmares vs. Night Terrors

Bad dreams happen to all of us. Bad dreams can be disturbing but we usually sleep through them. Sometimes we can remember the theme of the bad dream, the storyline, or images for it. Nightmares wake us up and we can usually recall all the details of them. Night terrors induce panic or terror causing […]

Chicken Pox

boy laying in bed with chicken pox

We all know getting chickenpox is not fun and that it is highly contagious. Chicken pox is caused by the varicella – zoster virus. It is not usually severe, but the risk of hospitalization and death increases in adults and adolescents. It is spread easily through coughs, sneezes, and contact with the blisters of an […]

4 Tips to help with Children’s Mental Health

girl at school wearing a mask

While it is fair to say that coping with the pandemic has been stressful on all of us in our community, children are at particular risk of adverse effects on their mental health. There are challenges related to change in routines, virtual learning, fear of the virus, the world feeling out of control, loneliness from […]

Worst Year Ever?

2020 in the sun

Worst Year Ever? As the new year rolls in, it is easy to want to look back at 2020 as a horrible year; a year that tested our beliefs and our faith in many things, made us question others‘ values, and brought unrest and division to an entire country. There is no argument against the […]

The Power of Acceptance

medicating in the sun sitting down

The Power of Acceptance. all the things that happen in life, how much do we think we, as individuals, control? Many of us, at some point, may have held false beliefs that we get to control all that happens in our lives. If this were true, the world would be some sort of strange fantasy […]

Dealing With Depression

man looking out the window sad

Depression is one of the most common mental illnesses diagnosed in the world. Some research suggests that depression is on the rise here in the United States and even more so now with the conditions surrounding the pandemic. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the U.S. is the third highest country for depressive disorders […]

What is Hypothermia?

women outside cold

Hypothermia occurs when our body loses heat faster than it can produce it. It can occur with exposure to cold weather and/or cold water that causes your body temperature to fall below ninety-five degrees. The first sign of hypothermia is shivering. Shivering generates heat. It is your body’s way of trying to defend itself against […]

Eating Disorder Awareness

man not eating food

This year, Eating Disorder Awareness Week will be recognized from February 22-28. At least 9% of people in the US will experience an eating disorder during their lives. I am frequently surprised to learn of how misunderstood eating disorders are. Others are often puzzled by a person’s difficulty with food. I have often heard “Why […]

Helping Kids with Trauma

Helping Kids with Trauma. One of the main goals of raising children is to help them grow and thrive so they can live up to their full potential. Most parents expect that they can protect their children from danger (whether it’s man-made or natural disasters) and when they’re not able to, it can cause distress […]