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Health West expands with Chubbuck pharmacy, seven new clinics

Health West is pleased to announce the opening of its first pharmacy and the addition of seven clinics in Utah and Wyoming.

The new pharmacy is located in Health West’s Chubbuck location at 880 W Quinn Road, Chubbuck, ID and will be open November 15.

“We’ve learned that a team approach to healthcare improves patient outcomes, and that includes pharmacists,” said Health West Chief Executive Officer Mindy Benedetti. “We are thrilled that we can offer this service to the community.”

Health West has traditionally partnered with local pharmacies to ensure patients can get their prescriptions at an affordable price. With the addition of an on-site pharmacy, patients can get their prescriptions at their doctor’s office.

The on-site pharmacy allows for collaboration between the pharmacist and the doctor to determine the correct prescription and to educate patients about proper use of their medications. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, pharmacists are an often over-looked, yet critical contributor to improvements in public health. Several bodies of research have demonstrated improved patient outcomes and reduced treatment costs as a result of collaboration with pharmacists.

In January, Health West announced it would acquire Bear Lake Community Health Centers in Utah and Wyoming. The acquisition is now complete, and the clinics are officially under the Health West banner. Health West now serves patients in 19 clinics as well as 10 schools in the Pocatello/Chubbuck School District.

“Everyone on our team has worked incredibly hard to make this day a reality,” said Benedetti. “We’re excited that our hard work has paid off and we’re able to provide healthcare to these communities.”

The new Health West clinics are located in:

  1. Montpelier, ID
  2. Garden City, UT
  3. North Logan, UT
  4. Providence, UT
  5. Brigham City, UT
  6. Evanston, WY
  7. Rock Springs, WY


The clinics have remained open during the transition to Health West, enabling people in those communities to continue to receive much-needed care.

Since the acquisition was announced, Health West has been busy hiring more staff to take care of the 16,000 patients the clinics serve. In addition to the staff already working at the clinics, more administrative staff was needed to provide support. Health West now employes 340 people in Idaho, Wyoming, and Utah.

Health West is a non-profit, federally funded health center. They provide quality, affordable, patient-centered care and will never turn a patient away for their inability to pay.  Health West services include medical, pediatric, OB/GYN, dental, and behavioral health care. Additional services include our new pharmacy as well as Quickcare at our Chubbuck location. Health West enrollment specialists are available to assist patients with enrolling in community resources such as CHIP, Medicaid, and Affordable Care Act plans. Health West services are provided on a sliding fee schedule, meaning fees are charged based on a patient’s income and family size.

Health West is routinely recognized as not only a great place to receive healthcare, but also a great place to work. We were named to the Idaho Statesman’s Idaho Private 100 and took home several Reader’s Choice Awards from the Idaho State Journal, including best place to work, best non-profit, best doctor, best OB/GYN, and best quickcare center.

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