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Boredom Busters for an Active, Fulfilling Summer

Jill Adams
By Jill Adams

Summer is upon us! Kids are out of school, summer vacations are planned, the BBQ is fired up, and the pools are filled with cool water.
People get excited about the summer months with sunshine and warm weather, but boredom can still affect us. As boredom increases, the potential for isolation, increased screen time, and lack of movement can occur. But first, let’s look at boredom and what it means. Boredom is the lack of mental, emotional, and/or physical stimulation. This could mean that your surroundings are uninteresting to you. This also means that you have full control to change boredom into something more enjoyable.

So, what can we do about it? The answers don’t need to be overcomplicated. Just as any other day, a routine helps to shape the day and fill up time. This routine should include both a bedtime and wakeup time that are consistent throughout the week, including the weekend. If you have extra time on your hands due to a lighter work schedule or summer break from school, create a to-do list that includes things you can do around your home. Simple things such as wiping down countertops, folding laundry, or dusting can add to the feeling of accomplishment throughout your day.

Summer is a great time to try new hobbies such as baking or cooking, gardening, playing music, creating poetry, photography, reading, or attending community events that are scheduled throughout the summer. There are volunteer opportunities as well that can be found at or by asking local companies or agencies if they need help.

Plan an adventure! Pocatello and the surrounding area have many great trails for all levels of capabilities and fitness. Bring a picnic lunch or snack and enjoy eating by the river or on one of the many benches along your trail of choice. Maps are available for many of the local trails, Google can help with that. While you’re walking, hiking, or observing nature, take some pictures! Flowers and trees are very photogenic, and the pictures are a great reminder of the fun things you accomplished over the summer months.

Whatever you decide to do this summer, have fun with family and friends, be safe, and respect the areas you travel to by cleaning up after yourself so the next person can enjoy summer’s beauty!

–  Jill Adams is a licensed master social worker for Health West Pocatello. She graduated with her master’s degree in social work from Boise State University in 2022 and uses a variety of evidence-based therapy models to meet patients’ individual needs.


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